President’s Speech

President’s Speech


Dear LAWSANites,

I write to you not as the president of LAWSAN, but as the friend, colleague and brother you all knew before the elections. 2023 has come and now, it’s gone with its stories, failures, victories & illusions. In our hands now, we have 2024, a baby, waiting to be nurtured and I implore us to make the best of this opportunity.

These are my wishes for all law Students in Nigeria; may your days be as bright as the sunshine and your nights be filled with love and laughter. May the New Year be a blank canvas for you to paint your aspirations and fill it with beautiful moments. As we embrace the dawn of a fresh year, may it bring you the strength to conquer challenges and the courage to chase your dreams.

Once again, I reiterate my commitment to the reform of our electoral system and to give it a breathe of independence & certainty. I also assure that our national Convention will take a new look and be memorable. There will be a total overhaul of the way of doing things in LAWSAN and by the grace of God and with your support, we shall bring LAWSAN to bear with good leadership & return it to its glory days.

Please, accept the assurances of my deepest regards as you celebrate the dawn of the new year.

Happy New Year! Cheers!

National President, LAWSAN.

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