Organs And Structures

The National Executive Council (NEC).
The National Senate (NS).
The National Judicial Council (NJC).

The National Executive Council

Composition and Functions

  1. All the members of the NEC shall be responsible to the members of the association through the Chapter Executives collectively and individually.
  2. The National Executive Council shall represent the Association’s views to the Federal Government, Council of Legal Education, Nigeria Bar Association, National Judicial Council, Nigeria Law Reform Commission, Deans of Law or such other body within and outside the country.
  3. The Executive Council shall have powers to negotiate for financial and material assistance, BUT SHALL NOT directly or indirectly compromise the policy, independence and aspirations of the association.
  4. The NEC shall take care of the Association’s properties.
  5. The NEC shall be composed of the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Director of Games, Director of Socials, Director of Welfare and such other office(s) that may be created by the Senate as the need arises. The persons under this provision shall constitute the governing body of LAWSAN.
  6. Subject to the provisions of the LAWSAN Constitution, the NEC shall have the powers to supervise and direct the activities of LAWSAN committees.

The National Senate


  1. The Senate shall be composed of two representatives from all the chapters elected by their respective chapters in accordance with the Provisions of this Constitution.
  2. The Senate shall be presided over by the Senate President and other functionaries of the Senate.
  3. The Senate President and other functionaries shall be elected at the first sitting of the Senate after the expiration of one tenure, upon the Inauguration of new Executive Council.


The Senate shall to the exclusion of all other organs of the association perform the following functions.

  1. The law-making powers for the good governance and welfare of lawsanites shall be vested in the Senate.
  2. Alteration and Amendment of the Provisions of this constitution shall be initiated when;
    • At least two Senators from the 6 geopolitical zones submit a petition to amend the constitution stating sufficient and justifiable grounds to do so; or
    • Four/fifth majority of the senate pass a resolution to do so (c) Approval of the budget of the association and approval of all capital expenditure of the NEC.
  3. Have the power to create committees and appoint the Chairman, Secretary and Members of such committee.
  4. Liaise with the Taskforce Committee to enforce the directives of the association.
  5. Confirmation of all appointments made by the National Executive Council.
  6. Ratification of partnerships embarked on by the National Executive Council.
  7. Impeachment of any member of the National Executive Council. Provided that the motion for impeachment must be occasioned by the reason of gross misconduct that offends this constitution, financial misappropriation or that such a person is unable to perform his functions due to infirmity of the mind or body, or death; or that such a person ceases to be a student in his chapter.
  8. From time to time review and determine the Association’s dues.
  9. Make rules to regulate the activities of the Senate.

Functionaries of the House: The functionaries of the Senate shall include

  1. The Senate President
  2. The Deputy Senate President
  3. The Senate Clerk
  4. The Chief Whip
  5. The Undersecretary
  6. The Sergeant-at-Arms
  7. The Senate League Leaders

The National Judicial Council

Functions: The functions of the National Judicial Council shall include;

  1. The interpretation of the spirit and letters of this constitution and such other Senate enactments.
  2. Advisory and contentious jurisdiction with respect to this Constitution, the Electoral Rules, the Senate Standing Orders, and such other Senate enactments.
  3. The promotion of best judicial practices in LAWSAN and local chapters.
  4. And such other functions that may be reasonably prescribed by the enacting statute.
  5. It shall act within the balance of judicial activism and judicial restraint.
  6. It may take briefs from amici curiae.
  7. The National Judicial Council shall be composed of the following officers: The Chief Justice, and six other Justices, the Chief Registrar, the Registrar, the Council Clerk, the Bailiff, and such other officials as the Senate may deem necessary.

Directorates Of Programs, Policies And Projects

Directorate of Programs, Policies and Project is commissioned to execute programs, policies and project of LAWSAN in:

  1. Professional training
  2. Career development
  3. Corporate Social Responsibilities

Composition/Modus Operandi:

The Directorate is composed of the following officers, appointment by the Executive President, subject to the ratification and confirmation of the Senate.

  1. National Director
  2. Zonal Directors
  3. Deputy Zonal Directors
  4. Head of Operation and Logistics
  5. Chief Media and Communication Specialist
  6. Head of Human Resources and External Affairs

Directorates Of Students Right

Directorate of Students’ Rights is commissioned to investigate all cases of:

Discrimination, Victimization, Inhumane treatments, Serial harassment, Rape, Extortion, Unfair grading; and their related abuses meted out against any student in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

The Directorate shall be composed of over thirty (30) students’ rights activists, painstakingly selected from the best law students in the country who have distinguished themselves from their peers, especially in academics and advocacy; and shall necessarily be in their penultimate or final year in school.

Who shall be duty-bound to report all its activities to the National Director who in turn reports directly to the National Executive President who then consults seasoned legal practitioners that have enlisted to provide their services to LAWSAN pro bono.

Other Lawsan Departments Include

  1. Lawsan Ministry Of Justice
  2. National Lawsan Bar Council
  3. Female Law Students Forum
  4. National Lawsan Mooting Society
  5. Lawsan Mentorship, Training And Internship Board
  6. Lawsan Editorial Board
  7. Lawsan Tv