About Us

About Us

The Law Students Association Of Nigeria (LAWSAN) is the apex and national umbrella body for all undergraduate law students in Nigeria, with a membership composed of students of all the faculties of law in Nigerian tertiary institutions across the federation.

LAWSAN was birthed due to the need for law students in Nigeria to have a national platform that will uniformly amplify their voices on matters bordering on the promotion and protection of their welfare and on other issues of national importance.

Our Core Objectives
  • To represent the interests of Nigerian Law Students in all National and International matters.
  • To unite law Students in Nigeria and coordinate their activities at the national level.
  • To increase the knowledge of procedural and substantive law, and acquire and build advocacy skills among Law Students’ in Nigeria through an annual National Debate, Moot and Mock Competitions and such like.
  • To bridge the gap between Law Students’ in Nigeria and Council of Legal Education, Nigerian Bar Association and other relevant bodies.
  • To pursue justice for students in Nigeria in view of the rampant injustice in our society.
  • Promoting legal education through public lectures, seminars and symposia, and the like.
  • Promoting Unity and Patriotism.

LAWSAN has been engaging in value-adding initiatives as we are bent on changing the narratives and transforming lives. LAWSAN is committed to societal excellence, pragmatic development and nation building.

History of LAWSAN

It is an axiom that “Good things take time, great things take good time.” This is the story of the formation of a grandiose association. Which its foundation was formed on the ground of unity, built on the tenets of value; honed by the sweat, time, resources, tears and energy exerted by resilient persons. It all started with figment of imagination, on how law students can gather to foster unity, amplify their voices to national issues, relating to law students in Nigeria and where value will be dispensed.

This imagination was borne by many unsung heroes.It later became an idea shared by some great minds, which then metamorphosed into actions for the actualisation of this imagination.The final journey towards actualising this dream started on the 14th and 15th November, 2015. These idealistic delegates from various schools answered to the clarion call, beckoned by Mr Adedayo Osijo (the then Head of Lincoln’s Inn, Lagos State University). This call was for the formation of a body to organise law students in the country. With the core vision to; amplify the voices of law students on issues of national discourse, and for the promotion and protection of the welfare of law students in Nigeria. It was then discovered that others have also set plans in motion to actualise the same goal. Worthy of mention is the effort Mr David Imiete Bestman, a student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, who held meetings with law students. from other Universities with aim of birthing an umbrella body for law students in Nigeria.

One of the notable meetings that led to the creation of LAWSAN was held at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), under the leadership of Late Mr Olaniran Quadri ( the then President, Law Students’ Society, OAU). This meeting was centered on important matters, which were not limited to the; formation of a national body, development of a structural document for the operation of the association, to set up a structure for the national body, get sponsorship for the association, drafting of the constitution and plan for a national convention of the association.

The crescendo of the first meeting was the bidding for the convention- which was slated to hold sometime in June 2016. This bidding right was won by University of Ibadan (UI) after rigorous scrutiny by the delegates. Those in attendance on the epoch making meeting were; Late Mr Olaniran QuadriOladimeji, Mr Adepoju Oluwasola Idris (OAU), Mr Mohammed Daud (LASU), Mr Mobolaji Ojo (President, LAWSAN Abuja), Miss Esther Sanda (President, LAWSAN, Bowen University), Mr Ebunoluwa Dapo-Thomas (President, Osun State University), Mr Victor Kuforiji (AG, Law Students’ Society, UI) who stood in for Opoyemi Adeleke (President, Law Students’ Society, UI). The convener of the meeting was Mr Adedayo Osijo.

In 2016, the hosting right for the slated National Convention was transferred to Benue State University, under the leadership of Mr Mike Tyoh, a charismatic student leader in Benue State Univeristy. With the help many other student leaders across the country such as Hamza Dantani,then President University of Maiduguri, LSS; Inwere Chigozie, former President, Imo State University, LSS; Ibrahim Idris, former LSS President, Ahmadu Bello University; Dahiru Modibbo, President of the law student body, Usman Danfodio University and many other eminent student leaders; the launch and unveiling of the plan was properly implemented. The theme for the first convention was, “Knitting the Wig.” That theme was borne out of the mandate to build a formidable association. This first convention was held between November 30, 2016 till December 3, 2016 under the sacrificial leadership of Mr Nam Cephas, who was the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee.

The historical convention was graced with the presence of dignitaries such as the Honourable Chief Judge of Benue State, eminent professors of law and other distinguished personalities. The first convention had the first election, which ushered in the first National Election Council (NEC) members, led by Mr Adedayo Osijo as the first President of LAWSAN. To consolidate the democratic setting of LAWSAN, the young association constituted and inaugurated the first national parliament on the February 10, 2017 -February 12, 2017 at the faculty of law, Nassarawa State University, Keffi. The first Senate President of the legislative arm of LAWSAN was Mr Amir Albushra.

The propeller of excellence, is the record of success. The achievements, projects and policies of the first administration. The propeller of excellence, is the record of success. The achievements, projects and policies of the first administration endeared LAWSAN to law students across Nigeria. The plan for the second convention was underway for transition of power and government, to continue with the vision. This led to the successful plan of the second convention. This convention was hosted by the University of Lagos, between December 5, 2018 – December 12, 2018. The theme was “Raising the bar.” This theme was chosen to propel the next administration to raise the bar higher, from the efforts of the Mr Adedayo Osijo led administration to a loftier height. The second convention ushered in the Atiku Jafar’s led NEC members after the elections. The NEC led by Mr Atiku Jafar was inaugurated at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The inauguration ceremony had in attendance, eminent personalities in the society and the legal profession. It became crystal clear, that LAWSAN has come to stay. The achievements of the second NEC led by Mr Atiku were remarkable, which also endeared it to more rating by law students across the Federation.

The second NEC planned the third convention for the transition of power. This was held at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria which lasted from July 8, 2019 – July 12, 2019. The third convention heralded the election of Senator Nwobodo E. Emmanuel.

At the 4th LAWSAN Convention held in Abuja in 2020, Blessing Agbomhere was elected the 4th LAWSAN National President. Due to leadership crisis in the Association, a caretaker Committee was constituted by the league of chapter Presidents. The committee was chaired by Abba Kyari from University of Maiduguri.

The 5th National Convention was planned and hosted in Nassarawa State by the Caretaker Committee. The National LAWSAN election was held in the Convention and Sen. Michael Arinze emerged as the 5th National LAWSAN Executive President while Sen. Najib Adamu Usman emerged as the LAWSAN Senate President.

LAWSAN has continued to wax stronger! The young association that was formed by the founding fathers had grown to be duly recognized and accepted both internationally and locally. The vision of the founders, predicated on unity, national recognition, protection of the law students’ welfare and value dispensation is being lived by the current lawsanites.

For now, here ends the story that started as a figment of imagination in the minds of great men and women, who desired to effect change in the lives of others. It was once ideals and then turned to be actionable. All were geared towards the birth of our great association. What will be written on the latter stage of this beautiful story, will be dependent on our actions and inactions- towards the sustainability of the vision of our founding fathers. One thing is sure, and that stands as firm as the rock and as the northern star, that the vision of our founders, shall not die in our hands.

God bless LAWSAN!

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria


All arise great lawsanite.
A call to all unite.
Despite our differences,
Let us live as one.
Love will make the legal space,
A better place to stay.
If we all unite with hearts and minds.

Love will make the legal space a better place to stay.
If we all unite with all our hearts and minds.
lawsan will do justice, bring fairness to the world.
If we all unite with hearts and minds.

All arise great lawsanite.
A phase for excellence.
In our legal pursuit,
We shall do our best.
Justice and equality,
Our watchword to the world.
Help LAWSAN oh God we humbly pray.

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